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After the county of Crawford had been created it was clearly seen that the people resident therein needed a town organization; so the secretary of the Territory of Michigan, William Woodbridge, then vested with the power and authority of governor, issued a proclamation forming a "township" (town), which was named the Borough of Prairie Des Chiens.. Read more...

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Flouring Mill
Town of Prairie Du Chien
Incorporation and Town Officers
City Post Office
Railroads and Boat Landing
The Pile Pontoon Railway Bridge
Public Schools
District No. 1
District No. 2
Roman Catholic Schools
Independent German School
Fire Department
City Park
Artesian Wells
Mills and Manufactories
Commercial Interests
Business of "Lower Town."
Business of "Upper Town."

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Prairie Du Chien

Borough of Prairie du Chien
First Settlement
First Officers
City of Prairie du Chien
American Settlement
Recorded Plats
City Officers 1872 - 1884
Business Directory, 1883

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Prairie Du Chien
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