Racine County

The American Seating Company

The American Seating Company of Racine was incorporated under the laws of New Jersey in 1899 as the American School Furniture Company, but the name was changed to the American Seating Company in 1906. In the former year they took over the plant of the firm of Thomas Kane & Company at Racine, that company having been organized in 1894 by Thomas Kane and business associates. Prior to that date the business was carried on under the style of the Racine Hardware Manufacturing Company. It was instituted and organized about 1876 by F. H. Head, Thomas Kane, E. G. Durant […]

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American Mangle & Roller Company

The American Mangle & Roller, Company of Racine was established in 1903 by Willis L. Cahoon and E. E. Cahoon. They handle laundry machinery of all kinds and manufacture laundry mangles which were invented by E. E. Cahoon. Their factory is located at Racine Junction and a well developed business is now bringing to them substantial success. Their product is sold by mail and through jobbers all over the United States, being sent to every state of the Union. They sell to hotels, public buildings and to institutions of all kinds and they handle everything necessary for laundry equipment. For

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Henricksen & Jacobson

Henricksen & Jacobson is the firm name of a well known commercial enterprise of Racine, organized on the first of October, 1910, by Henry M. Henricksen and Jacob Jacobson. Although it has been in existence for but a few years its business has grown steadily and has now become of a very substantial character. The business was first located at No. 1309 Mound Avenue. On the first of September, 1915, a removal was made to No. 1200 State Street. The firm is wholesale jobbers in groceries of which they carry a large line, including butterine, butter, eggs and cheese, and

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The Hartmann Trunk Company

Joseph S. Hartmann, president of the Hartmann Trunk Company, of Racine, was born in Germany, in 1846, and was a youth of sixteen years when he made the long voyage across the briny deep to the United States in 1862. He first settled in New York but afterward made his way- westward to Wisconsin, establishing his home in Milwaukee. A few years later he embarked in the trunk business there under the name of Carpeles-Hartmann & Company, and later removed to Chicago although he established his business in Racine. The Hartmann Trunk Company was organized in November, 1889, and the

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Gold Medal Camp Furniture Manufacturing Company

The Gold Medal Camp Furniture Manufacturing Company had its inception in a business started by R. B. Lang in 1890 and incorporated in 1892, its first officers being R. B. Lang, president ; William G. Gittings, vice president; and J. G. Teall, secretary. This company manufactures all kinds of camp furniture and outing outfits, although at the beginning the output included only six or seven articles, among which was the Gold Medal Cot invented by Louis Latour. Since that time the output has been extended in its scope until there is no accessory to camp furnishings that cannot be supplied

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S. Freeman & Sons Manufacturing Company

The S. Freeman & Sons Manufacturing Company, one of the foremost business enterprises of Racine, was established in 1867 by S. Freeman, who in a small way began manufacturing and repairing boilers. A few months later he entered into partnership with William E. Davis and opened a little machine shop. In 1868 they admitted John R. Davies to a partnership, at which time Mr. Davies was operating a foundry in the old Star mills, located where the William Pugh coal yards are now found. At that time the firm name was Davies, Freeman & Davis. After a brief existence the

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F. J. Greene Engineering Works

There are not many hours in which the ring of hammer and steel does not waken the echoes in Racine and the name of the city has become to the outside world a synonym for unflagging industry. Various successful industrial concerns have contributed to the reputation of the city in this regard. The F. J. Greene Engineering Works have been in existence since 1892, when the business was established by Fred and George Hodges under the firm style of Hodges & Son. Two years later, or in 1894, Frederick J. Greene purchased an interest in the business and about 1902

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Elite Laundry

The Elite Laundry is an expression of Racine’s enterprise and business ability. It is the property of the firm of Eager & Dunn and the rapid development of its business is indicative of the progressive methods of the owners. In 1905 the firm of Chapman & Anderson established the Elite Laundry at No. 612 Sixth Street, but after two years the business failed. Several months later the plant was sold to Hess & Williams, who a year later sold to Eager & Dunn. Something of the growth of the business is indicated in the fact that at that time the

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The Commercial Press Company

The Commercial Press Company was organized July 17. 1902, with a capital of ten thousand dollars, of which five thousand four hundred dollars was paid in. The first officers were: Robert C. Hindley, president; Robert W. Hindley, vice president; and T. P. Luker, secretary and treasurer. On the 29th of August, 1902, F. C. Bailey purchased stock to the amount of two thousand dollars and on the 9th of April, 1903, the Hindleys and Mr. Bailey sold out to F. G. and John Hassold and Ollie Luker. At that time the Hassolds put twenty-six hundred dollars more in the business

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The Carroll Coal Company

The Carroll Coal Company, one of the foremost enterprises of this character operating in Racine, was organized on the 1st of May, 1910, succeeding to the business of Joseph C. Carroll, who in turn was the successor of the firm of E. L. Hedstrom & Company, who about 1886 embarked in the coal, coke and wood business. The enterprise has since had a continuous existence and the trade has developed to large proportions. The present officers of the Carroll Company are: Fred C. Best, president; Douglas F. McKey, secretary, and George T. Caystile, treasurer and manager. The yards and main

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