Racine County

The Racine Woolen Manufacturing Company

The Racine Woolen Manufacturing Company was organized to take over a business that was founded in 1863 by Lucius S. Blake and John S. Hart and was conducted under the name of Blake & Company at Bridge and Ontario streets. They started business on a small scale in a little building, but the trade steadily grew and in 1877 the business was incorporated with L. S. Blake as the president, John S. Hart as treasurer, James J. Elliott and A. W. Tillapaugh as stockholders and directors. At that time the plant was known as a two set mill, having about […]

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Racine Trunk Company

Among the large manufacturing enterprises of Racine which have brought the city to its present position of distinction as a great industrial and commercial center is the Racine Trunk Company, which has passed through an era of prosperous existence covering thirty-one years. The company was organized April 1, 1885, by John F. Wadewitz, T. C. Wadewitz and Herman O. Wadewitz together with A. B. Augustine. The business was carried on under firm organization until 1895, when it was incorporated with John F. Wadewitz as president, T. C. Wadewitz as vice president and Herman O. Wadewitz as secretary and treasurer. No

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Racine Traveling Bag Company

Another of the business enterprises which have to do with the attainment of Racine’s present greatness and prosperity is the Racine Traveling Bag Company, which was established in 1890 by Herbert Van Bree, Theodore Van Bree and other stockholders. The business was at that time incorporated with Theodore Wadewitz as president and with Herbert, Theodore and H. Van Bree and Herman Wadewitz as directors. The present officers of the company are: Herbert Van Bree, president; Mrs. Joseph Van Bree, vice president; and Mrs. H. Van Bree, secretary and treasurer. The factory is fifty by eighty feet and is three stories

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