Racine County

Brehm Brothers Company

Brehm Brothers Company is one of the oldest and most prosperous business concerns of Burlington, doing a storage, draying and heavy teaming business and also dealing in coal and salt. Another feature of the business is the sale of heavy draft horses and the quality of their horses is acknowledged by expert judges to be the best in southern Wisconsin. The business was founded in 1868 by Bernard Brehm, a sketch of whom appears above. In 1891 the firm name was changed to B. Brehm & Son, when the father was joined in the partnership by his eldest son, William […]

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Beffel Furniture & Undertaking Company

The Beffel Furniture & Undertaking Company has succeeded to the business established by Mathias Beffel, the enterprise having been in continuous existence for forty-one years. The store is located at No. 610 Sixth street, Racine, and the interests of the concern are managed by William J. Beffel, who is president of the company, and Edward Beffel, secretary and treasurer. It was on the 26th of September, 1914, that the business was organized under the present name. The original establishment was located at the corner of College avenue and Sixth Street and after two years a removal was made to the

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Bank Of Burlington

The Bank of Burlington was organized under the name of the First National Bank of Burlington, December 14, 1871, by Jerome I. Case, Stephen Bull, R. H. Baker, B. B. Northrop and Chauncy Hall, and other prominent business men of this part of the state were among the stockholders. The bank opened its doors for business on the 26th of February, 1872. That the first years of business were not entirely along flowery paths, is evidenced by the report of Chauncy Hall, cashier, at the end of the first fiscal year, in which he says: “You are well aware of

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Arnold Electric Company

The Arnold Electric Company was organized April 19, 1904, as the United States Standard Electrical “Works and business was started in a small way on the fourth floor of the Secor building, in Racine, where they occupied one room. They manufactured electrical devices under the trade name of Arnold and from the beginning the business grew very rapidly and developed its scope to include a line of motor operated devices. This company was the first to place on the market the small type of vacuum cleaners for household use and they were also the originators and developers of the portable

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American Skein & Foundry Company

The American Skein & Foundry Company is one of the enterprises that has won for Racine its well established reputation as an industrial and manufacturing center. This business was established in 1900 under the name of the Racine Steel & Iron Works but was reorganized under the present style in 1904. The business was established by G. N. Prentice and others, while the present officers are: Walter F. Walker, president; and W. B. Mitchell, secretary and treasurer. The plant is located at Twenty-third and Racine streets and covers five acres. The buildings, one and two stories in height, are all

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Chicago Rubber Clothing Company

The Chicago Rubber Clothing Company, with its plant at the corner of Albert Street, the Northwestern tracks and Forest Avenue, controls one of the largest establishments of this kind in the United States. The company has about four acres of ground space, its buildings covering two acres. Two of these are three stories in height, one is two stories and two are one story structures and all are of brick construction, adequately supplied with a sprinkler system. The buildings are well lighted and ventilated and the employees work under sanitary conditions. They employ over two hundred people, fifty per cent

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Racine Carriage Company

The Racine Carriage Company is one of the most recent additions to the corporations which are doing business in Racine and which promote the commercial and industrial activity and consequent prosperity of the city. This company was organized in December, 1914, and succeeded to the vehicle business of the Racine-Sattley Company and also to that of the Richardson-Kennedy Company. William H. Richardson became the president of the new concern, with Joseph O. Kennedy as vice president and J. C. Lund as secretary and treasurer. All three are well known to the vehicle trade throughout the United States, for Mr. Richardson

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Peerless Machine Company

A. Rasmussen and C. Rasmussen are treasurer and vice president respectively, of the Peerless Machine Company, which was incorporated in 1916. This company was formed for the manufacture of high speed power hack saws and their machines are now upon the markets of England, Denmark, Holland and Japan. In the conduct of this undertaking they have shown a most enterprising and progressive spirit and each month marks a notable advance in the success of the business. The brothers have been lifelong residents of Racine County, their birth having occurred in North Cape Township in 1878 and 1880, respectively, the parents

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Racine City Bank

The Racine City Bank was organized in 1907 and opened its doors for business on the 25th of January, 1908. Its first directorate included William G. Gittings, who was chosen president: Fred W. Gunther, vice president; Henry N. Bacon, cashier: C. A. Wustum, Chris Slot, E. C. Tecktonius, W. T. Harvey, A. J. Piper, Thomas Hay, W. J. Higgins and G. W. Blythe. There was no change in the personnel of the officers of the bank, a fact which indicates the harmonious relations which have ever existed in the management and the efficiency of those who as officers control the

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Racine Electric Company

The Racine Electric Company is one of the more recently established enterprises of the County, having been in existence for four years. It was organized in 1912 with Toulie Tolfson as president; John Ruggaber as secretary, treasurer and manager, and William Nelson as director. In the year 1913 Messrs. Tolfson and Nelson sold out and Herbert Van Bree, purchasing an interest in the business, was elected to the presidency. The business was started on Douglas avenue, in a small place, there remaining until the increasing trade caused a removal when larger quarters were secured at the corner of Prospect and

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