The Carroll Coal Company

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The Carroll Coal Company, one of the foremost enterprises of this character operating in Racine, was organized on the 1st of May, 1910, succeeding to the business of Joseph C. Carroll, who in turn was the successor of the firm of E. L. Hedstrom & Company, who about 1886 embarked in the coal, coke and wood business. The enterprise has since had a continuous existence and the trade has developed to large proportions. The present officers of the Carroll Company are: Fred C. Best, president; Douglas F. McKey, secretary, and George T. Caystile, treasurer and manager. The yards and main office are situated at 931 Erie street, with a branch office at No. 423 Main Street. The yards cover about seventeen city lots. The company owns it dockage, receiving all hard coal by boat, and other excellent shipping facilities are secured through trackage of the Northwestern and St. Paul railroad companies. They employ from fifteen to thirty-five men and have team delivery. Their business has now reached extensive proportions, making theirs one of the foremost commercial enterprises of the city.

Source: Stone, Fanny S. Racine, Belle City of the lakes, and Racine County, Wisconsin : a record of settlement, organization, progress and achievement; Chicago: S. J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1916.

Ancestry US

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