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Racine has called to her midst many captains of industry, men who are controlling extensive and important commercial and industrial interests, and their efforts have given to the city its well earned reputation as a great manufacturing center. One of the important undertakings of Racine is that conducted under the name of the Racine Tool & Machine Company, which was organized in 1908. In December, 1910, it was purchased by J. M. Jones, who is the president, treasurer and general manager of the company, with F. E. Koebler as vice president and L. Jones as secretary. The company manufactures high speed metal cutting machines and has .the largest exclusive metal cutting machinery plant in the world. Its product is sold in all civilized countries. Machinery is made for cutting metal in every way and of all kinds. The plant is located at No. 1439 Junction Avenue and includes a two story and basement building of modern mill construction, eighty by one hundred and twenty feet. It is one of the new buildings of the city used for manufacturing purposes and fifty skilled workmen are employed in turning out the product. The company is widely known as heavy exporters and is recognized as the world’s greatest experts in metal cutting. To Racine was sent a large meteor to be cut by the Racine Tool & Machine Company, which makes a machine capable of cutting a “harder than steel” body. This is the only company in the country that is putting forth a machine that can economically and accurately meet the requirements of meteorologists in this connection.

Source: Stone, Fanny S. Racine, Belle City of the lakes, and Racine County, Wisconsin : a record of settlement, organization, progress and achievement; Chicago: S. J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1916.

Ancestry US

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