Racine Carriage Company

The Racine Carriage Company is one of the most recent additions to the corporations which are doing business in Racine and which promote the commercial and industrial activity and consequent prosperity of the city. This company was organized in December, 1914, and succeeded to the vehicle business of the Racine-Sattley Company and also to that of the Richardson-Kennedy Company. William H. Richardson became the president of the new concern, with Joseph O. Kennedy as vice president and J. C. Lund as secretary and treasurer. All three are well known to the vehicle trade throughout the United States, for Mr. Richardson and Mr. Lund were old time employees of the Racine Wagon & Carriage Company, the service of which they entered in a humble capacity but gradually worked their way upward to official positions, while Mr. Kennedy had also for many years been connected with the old company and his experience had been wide. The Racine Wagon & Carriage Company was organized about 1866, and manufactured a full line of spring vehicles of all kinds, including farm wagons. The new company continues in the same line save that they discontinued the manufacture of farm wagons and they occupy the same quarters used by their predecessors for a half century. The factory, however, has been remodeled and equipped with thoroughly up-to-date machinery and tools and in addition to the vehicle manufacturing plant they have opened a first class repair department that fills a long felt want of the local trade in this branch of industry. It includes retrimming and painting with special attention to automobiles. They employ a number of skilled workmen and the plant is now thoroughly modern in construction and equipment and is supplied with sprinkler system. The business has steadily grown, for the three men at its head are all men of long mid wide experience, familiar with every phase of the trade and knowing the business thoroughly in principle and detail. The concern is one of value as a factor in Racine’s manufacturing interests, contributing in substantial measure to the further industrial development of the city.

Source: Stone, Fanny S. Racine, Belle City of the lakes, and Racine County, Wisconsin : a record of settlement, organization, progress and achievement; Chicago: S. J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1916.

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  1. How can I identify a racine-sattely steel wagon wheel..have a vintage farm wagon..27 inch front wheels..32 inch rear wheels…only casting on wheels are..RS-1. this is on all wheels…also rear hitch plate has the letter H..no other markings…tongue plate has 5 H on under side

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